My Top 10 Tips For Rasing A Family On A Budget

When I was a single man, I never really thought about budgeting. I simply would pay my bills, went shopping for food, and the rest, well not sure where the rest went. When I got married and started having kids, that’s when I realized that I needed to have a budget. I no longer could afford to spend it on things that were meaningless. It was a big wake up call because it was something that I wasn’t used to and I had no clue how to budget for a family. Luckily, my mother-in-law was an accountant and my father-in-law was in the home mortgage business. My in-laws were such a big help when helping my wife and I figure out a bugeting plan for our growing family.

I know some of you probably don’t have the luxuary of knowing someone personally that is good at figuring out a family budget, so I figured I would share with you the budgeting tips that have helped me.

Top 10 Tips For Raising A Family On A Budget:

  1. Withdrawing a set amount from your bank account for groceries, so you don’t overspend.
  2. If you get a paycheck every two weeks, then pay half of your large bills with one paycheck. Then in two weeks (your next paycheck) pay the other half of your large bills. Just don’t pay late on your bills, make sure you are paying ahead of your due date. For example, let’s say you get paid the 10th and 25th. If you have bills due on or after the 10th, then on your 25th paycheck, pay half. Then on the 10th paycheck the other half.
  3. Couponing Рthis can help you pay less for items that  you normally would buy at regular price.
  4. Ibotta – this is an app that you can download and it’s like couponing, but it’s all electronic. This app basically pays you for buying items that they have selected. You can also use with actual coupons. It’s a neat app!
  5. Pay off debt – this can help with not having the burden to pay this type of bill each month.
  6. When planning your dinner meals, you can save a lot of money by making a bigger meal, so you can have it for a couple days. Bigger meal = less meals that you have to buy.
  7. Save a set amount of money each month for birthdays and Christmas shopping. If you save overtime for these things then it won’t hurt your finances or your monthly budget.
  8. Buy seasonal clothes and items at the end of their respective seasons. For example, buy coats at the end of the winter season. Some companies will have end of the season deals and sometimes you will save 50 percent or more off the original price.
  9. Find ways to have fun as a family or as a couple that costs little to no money. For example, going on hikes and enjoying the outdoors.
  10. Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses. Breed contentment in your life.

These are the top 10 tips that have really helped me and wife with our monthly budget. I want to encourage you all to start applying these tips if your struggling each month because they have helped us tremendously.